clothes maketh the wo/man


This might be a light and fluffy piece.  Or not.  You decide.

There was an interesting article in the New York Times and the criticism surrounding Michelle Obama’s wardrobe choices on her last overseas trip.

It was entitled:  For Michelle Obama, Girlie Clothes that Lean In and while we can all pretend that clothes don’t matter, the fact is that they do, particularly for women.  Do we all have to wear black business suits with serious shoulder pads to be taken seriously?  Or can our wardrobes reflect our personalities?  At Bird, many of our Associates are creative people.   And we think they can dress however they damn well please.

We all know that first impressions mean a lot – but I also believe that there isn’t one uniform for success.  It comes in all different shapes, sizes and colours – just like we do.  Thoughts?



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